Sunday, July 5, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece: TPT Challenge #3

This challenge has not only helped me try things that I never dreamed of (regarding my TPT journey), but also to help check things off my "To Do" list.

Last year, I began to reflect on my word work practices in my classroom.  I liked that children were able to be hands on when learning the words, but some of the children didn't know/remember the word we were focusing on.  

I wanted to find a way for children hear the word, and have access to the word whenever they needed it.  I started to play around with QR Codes.  I started by creating a word wall that includes QR Codes (I uses safe share, so children do not see adds, and cannot "surf" the web).  To check this out in my store, click here.

The children loved it, and used it!  I wanted to go a step further and include QR codes during their word work time.  I tried a few things out, but never had time to fully create something that I wanted to "keep."  Enter, the challenge.  

During this week of the challenge I created an activity to use in a sensory table.  For this activity, place the words that you are working on into the sensory table/bin.  Children choose a card from the bin, scan the QR Code and either match it to the written word, or practice spelling the word with magnetic letters, or practice writing it on a whiteboard.  If you do not have a something to to scan the QR codes, you can use the word cards to create many different games.  To check out this activity in my store please click here.  I am planning on creating more with different themes.  

In addition to the Back to School QR Code game, I created independent practice books for the Dolch PrePrimer word list. These are printable sight word books that focus on one of the PrePrimer words.  Each book 7 different pages that help children focus on hearing the word, reading the word (both in isolation and in context) and writing the word.

While going through my reading teacher certification, I was taught that before a child can be expected to write the word, they need to be able to read the word.  This was the foundation for these books.  Each book contains a QR code with the written word, for children to hear the word.  They can scan the QR code as many times as they would like.  This helps children to learn the word independently (instead of constantly asking what word, they scan it).  If you do not have something in your classroom that will read a QR code you can leave this page out of the book.  

The next section of each book focuses on reading the word.  It is important that children not only read the word in isolation, but also in context.  The "Read It" pages allow the children the opportunity to practice reading the word in isolation.  Once they read (and point) to the word, they can color it, highlight it, or leave it blank (teacher discretion).  The next page is "Find It."  These pages help children read and recognize the word when given other words.  The final page in the reading section is, "Match It."  This is when children see the word, and practice reading the word in context.  

The final section is writing.  This section has 3 different pages.  The first page is, "Color It."  In this section children decorate the focus word.  This helps children recognize the individual letters that make up the focus word.  The next page is, "Make It."  On this page, children cut apart the letters that make up the word.  They then glue the letters in order.   The last page is, "Write It."  This page a twist on rainbow words and word race.  This helps children with fluency when writing.  When they roll a number, they use that color to write the word.

Whew!!  It was a very busy week!!  :)

I was only able to do the Dolch PrePrimer word list for both activities.  If you use another word list, and are interested, please e-mail me at  

You can also try these books out (for FREE), by clicking here.  If you are interested in the full set of Dolch PrePrimer words, please click here.  They will be on sale for the next 2 days!!


  1. SUCH a cute/brilliant idea using QR codes with the sight words! For some reason I never thought of this and that is wonderful. Now I just wish I had devices to scan them with! Wonderful product can't wait to see more of your stuff. P.S. Love how you spell your name ;)

  2. Thank you so much!! Somewhere (maybe Pinterest) I saw that another teacher asked parents for old iPods to use as a listening center....Maybe you could ask for old iPhones? I LOVE your name too (with an H of course!) :)