Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Projects

After teaching in the same room for 8 years, and having the same decor for 10 years, I have decided it is time for a change!  

Leading up to this year, my classroom color scheme was red, yellow, green, and blue.  When my class size increased I added orange, lime green, and light blue.  

In addition to these colors, I had a frog themed room (hence the theme of my blog).  The frog theme started, not for a love of frogs (because I don't), but because that is what all the rage was when I first started teaching at our local teacher supply store.  My classroom was soon dubbed the "Frog Room."  Throughout the year children and teachers began collecting frog things for me.  I naturally felt bad changing my theme the following year, so it stuck!

This year, I am going to continue with the frog theme, but toned down.  I am however, changing my colors.  My new colors are blue, lime green, and teal.  I am so excited to makeover my classroom!

My first project is spray painting.  I have several things that I am going to be painting.  The first project is my cubbies!

10 years ago, my hubby and my dad created these awesome cubbies for me.  They are awesome!!  They are 14" X 14" (perfect for a binder).  I use these for just bout everything.  Each child has a cubby that holds their book box, work folders, (interactive notebooks--new this year), and headphones.    

Here are some pictures of the cubbies before, during, and in the classroom.

Cubbies Before
Cubbies During

In the classroom

My next project...the stools in my room! 

What summer projects are you completing before school starts?

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