Friday, August 28, 2015

Welcome to My Pad!

After viewing some of my pictures, I realized that I already need to update some!  Once things settle down, I will make sure to update.

I hope you enjoy the tour of my "new" pad!

My rug area is a place where we meet for our morning meeting, mini-lessons and read alouds.  

The front of my rug includes a big book stand {with storage}.  This is used for big books, and curriculum charts.  It is also a place where our learning target can be displayed.

I also have an easel {with storage}.  The easel is double sided and magnetic.  It is used for modeling, center work and mini-lessons.

Next to the easel is a set of drawers that hold CDs, clipboards and materials that are needed for mini-lessons for the week.

These chairs were purchased as an option for children to use while on the rug.  My hope is they will help children who need wiggle while sitting.  

These chairs will also help children who crave their own personal space, while helping others define theirs.

It will also help save my books!  Yes, save my books.  Over the years, it seems that no matter who sits in the back row, they cannot fight the need to use my bookshelf as a backrest.  These chairs are going to be solution!

In addition to using these chairs during our group time, children will also be able to use them during independent work time.

This is a view of my rug when you enter my room.

This reading area is awaiting a new table {a circle table or horseshoe table}.  This will be a table where children can work in cooperative groups, independently, or in small group with a teacher or support staff.

The reading area also consists of comfy chair to curl up in, a board with strategy reminders, materials to help children decode words, and a resource self.  This resource shelf not only serves as a resource shelf for me, but also for the children.  This shelf hosts extra supplies, folders, and district assessment binders.

Next to the resource shelf is a set of cubes that contain plastic bags, recess chalk {our school supplies everything else and is kept outside}, and extra winter gear {hats, mittens, socks}.

Along the wall, are leveled books.  These are books that children will use during read to self time, and read to someone. 

My teacher area houses my planning binders, group binders, curriculum, and supplies.This is also the area that received an additional face lift.

Can you spy my next project? {My file cabinet}  I would love to cover the drawers with chevron contact paper, and then paint the frame the teal blue color from my room.  

Not pictured is my small group table and my newly finished stools.  Picture coming! :)

These cubbies were made by my hubby and my dad for my classroom when I just started out.  They were created to hold binders, book boxes and other materials that were needed.  

Over the years, I continue to use them as a place to store book boxes, folders, headphones, and other classroom materials.  

This year, they are going to contain headphones, book boxes, and each child's work folder and interactive notebook.  Inside their book boxes I am going to have a zippered pencil pouch that will hold flashcards and book rings for listen to reading.

These lunch trays are used for attendance every day.  Each day the children place their lunch frog on either the trays that represent what type of lunch they are going to have for that day {either home lunch of school lunch}.

The tower was created by myself and my husband.  It has magnetic strips that can hold pocket charts, whiteboards, feltboards, and also includes shelving.  This tower is uses on a daily basis for center work and storage.

These table caddies were purchased and painted this summer.  They rotate and have 6 compartments.  They will hold scissors, pencils and glue sticks. I am also playing around with putting highlighters in so children can highlight their name.  

I also put washi tape on to distinguish between the table colors.

This is our alphabet reference wall.  These posters are used to help children with their letter sounds. 

My take a break chair.  This is a place where children can go to calm down.  It is self regulated, but I always tell them that I reserve the right to tell them to take a break, along with telling them when they are done {only if they are staying to long and possibly avoiding work}.

This is my focus wall.  The past few years, our district has put a focus on using a focus wall to display student learning objectives for each lesson.  I created and printed an "I can" statement for each standard, in each of the different areas.  I placed each section on a set of binder clips, and hung them on heavy duty magnetic hooks.  I also added a column for how they are going to be working/receiving the information, and then another for the materials they will need for the lessons and implementation.

These shelves host my centers.  These are where the "have to" centers are going to be located.  

In addition to the "have to" centers, the "can do" centers that have large materials to go with, will also be on these selves.

I hope you enjoyed a photographic tour of my classroom.  As I add things to the bulletin boards and continue to label and "live" in it, I will update the pictures.  

I hope you all have a wonderful school year! 

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