Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Worked Well Wednesday

Hi Everyone!  

I am teaming up with Kinder Tribe for a linky party.  This linky is What Worked Well Wednesday, where you have the opportunity to share one thing that worked well for you that week.  

I have been busily getting my classroom ready for my group of Kinders.  As you know, this year I decided to completely make-over my classroom.  One of the things that I made-over was my lunch count tray.

Here is the before:

I made these last year by taking 2 cookie sheets (from the dollar tree), drilled holes, inserted grommets, tied them together with ribbon (and another ribbon to hang), and then made ten frames using white electrical tape.

Each morning, the children found their magnetic lunch card (naturally a frog) and placed in one of the boxes depending on if they brought a lunch from home, or if they were going to have a school lunch.  

It made it very easy for me to quickly see how many children were at school, getting a school lunch, and how many brought a lunch form home.

We also used these trays during large group math to help us solve story problems, practice subitizing, and work on comparing.

So after using the "plain" ole' ones, I decided to update and brighten.  This is the result...

The after:

I used the spray paint that matched the colors in my room, updated the ribbon, and used washi tape to make the 10 frames.

I am so excited with how these turned out!  I can't wait to show you the rest of my classroom remodel!

I would love to know how you take attendance in your room.  Please leave a note in the comments about what you.  Thank you so much!