Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Favorite Product!

How many times a day do you run to the copy machine?  How many times have you needed just one or two more copies and couldn't leave your room?  Well, if you are anything like me, this happened more times than you can count!

I started thinking about what I could do so children could still write, and I would never run out of copies.  I tried the iPad, and that works well, but my Kinders were not able to write very well with the stylus.  Then, I found these!

These are "ticket holders" from C-Line.  They are clear pouches that are made from a thicker plastic.  They come in many different sizes.  I purchased the 8.5" X 11" size pockets and the 5" X 8".  You may be wondering why 5" X 8"? Well, I ordered a smaller sized, placed plain white paper inside, and voila, I have instant whiteboards.

This purchase started out as a way to help me manage papers, and save some trees, and turned into a class set of whiteboards that are easy to store and easy to clean, are durable, and easy to store (did I say that one already?), oh and they are pretty inexpensive.  

I have been using these "whiteboards" during whole group, small group, and independent work stations.  I love them because they are small, light weight, easy to clean, and the list goes on.

I also love them because it is easy to slide a practice sheet into and you don't have to make a gazillion copies.  It just so happens that I have the perfect practice pages to fit into these fabulous pouches.  Just so you could see what these fabulous pages look like in these wonderful pouches, I took a few pictures.

The first set of pictures is my beginning sound practice pages.  You can find them in my TPT store, or by clicking the picture.


The next picture is of my syllable practice pages.  Don't they look great in the C-Line pouches?  I thought so!  If you are interested in these pages, you can find them in my TPT store, or you can get to them by clicking the picture.

In addition to these pouches, I have also developed an obsession with Crayola Dry Erase markers.  These markers work great for the C-Line pouches, but not so well with regular whiteboards.  

The reason for the change from a popular brand of dry erase markers, is this:

Many of my markers have "magically" lost their tips.  The reason, well I believe it is because of either putting the top on the wrong way, or pushing too hard.  With the Crayola Dry Erase markers, we have not yet lost a marker tip!

What is your current favorite product?

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