Monday, June 27, 2016

Teacher's ABC's of Summer

We all work so hard throughout the year, and know that it doesn’t stop when the bell rings on the last day.  So I thought it would be fun to create an ABC list just for teachers to enjoy over the summer.  Here we go…

In case the image is too little, here is my list

A- Alcohol (sorry this was the first thing popped into my head for A),  Amazon
B- Bathroom (using it whenever we want!)
C- Cleaning (our classrooms), creating
D- Dollar Tree
E- Errands (anytime, anywhere)
F- Family, Fun
G- Going to the zoo, store, mall, lunch...
H- Hanitizer anyone?
I- Ice Cream Sundaes (morning, noon and night)
J- "Just Because" visits
K- Kicking back
L- Learning (PD and from others)
M- Michael’s
N- No Alarm Clock
O- Organizing
P- Planning (for next year), pool
Q- Quiet
R- Rest, Relaxing
S- Searching TPT
T- Target (Dollar Spot)
U- Using the stove to make lunch (no microwaves)
V- Vacations
X- eXtra time fro whatever you want
Y- You can’t remember what day it is
Z- Zzzzz’s

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!!!!

What would you add to the Teacher's ABC's of Summer?  Please add your idea in the comments below.


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